Dear Dotty

But The Name is the Same…..




Often designers license their names in various forms. In many cases, the different variations of a label can reflect in a wide range within the same style. Picture this: You walk into a department store and see a pair of shoes by Michael Kors for $99.00. Wow what an unbelievable deal or IS IT? Well, it all depends on which division of the Michael Kors Empire the pair comes from. For instance, Michael Kors has 4 divisions of licencing of their shoes


1) Michael By Michael Kors


2) MK by Michael Kors


3) Kors by Michael Kors


4) Michael Kors by Michael Kors


And depending on which division manufactured the pair, you could get a vast variety of materials, construction, country of origin and price.


Licensing of a label name is how designers vary the reach of their brand; however, like a pair of shoes, brand names and licenses can be bought or sold. For example, Joan and David footwear was the designer in the 70”s and 80’s for fine Italian footwear. During the late 80’s the company went bankrupt and it’s assets, including the name, were sold off. In the last few years, Joan and David Circa have appeared. These shoes are based on the original designs by Joan Halpern; however, the new shoes are made in either China or Brazil and are not 100% leather like the originals.



Shoe brands, like clothing brands, come –go and come back again. Remember to investigate exactly what you are getting at “that great deal”, for it may not be what you bargained for.


Happy shopping!