Dear Dotty

How to REALLY try on a pair of shoes; do you have the proper mental karma?

You may read the title of this piece and think, “Well, I’m not a moron.I know how to put my shoes on.I’ve been doing it for at least five years.”But I’m not referring to the mechanics of putting the shoes on your feet; I’m talking about having the right physical and mental “Karma” for a successful footwear experience.So here’s a list of things to remember:


(1)Most women have swelling issues at one time or another. Some women are swollen at the end of the day, some women wake up swollen and some swell due to heat (both from hormones and/or weather).When you try on shoes, remember whether or not you are swollen, and keep in mind the condition of your feet on an average day. For instance, in the early spring, people start to try on those cute strappy sandals, and the temperature outside is 46 degrees. The shoes are very snug - “But they’re leather, they’ll stretch,” you say.Now picture the same shoes on your feet at a temperature of 86 degrees and 75% humidity- Ouch.



(2)In the early fall, the opposite problem can present itself - we’ll call this “Summer Foot”.Summer foot is the sensation of all shoes feeling tight after a season of wearing flip-flops etc.You feel as if all the shoes are made too small.Remember, you may have swelling and are not used to the sensation of leather actually surrounding your foot.


(3)When you try on a shoe, wear the same type of stocking as your will wear with the shoe.No, you can not wear wool socks with the same shoe you wear trouser socks- unless the shoe is too large, backless or an oversized ankle boot with ankle closure. Clomp!Clomp!


(4)Many women don’t like the look of their feet. I can’t count the number of times someone tells me how hideous they perceive their feet to be. Now in my time, I have seen EVERY kind of foot, the good, the bad and the ugly!98.7% of women (based on unscientific biased study by me) have normal feet. So here’s the tip:NEVER LOOK DOWN AT YOUR FEET!I’m serious about this.Look at your feet in a mirror.By looking in a mirror you take “you” and your image of “you” out of the picture.“Hey, those shoes look nice on that woman dressed (strangely enough) like me”.


(5)Don’t limit yourself. Not all pointy toe shoes require the removal of your pinky toe to be comfortable and not all clogs are comfortable.On the flip side, conservative(not matronly) styles are not always bad and trendy styles are not always good. Be open to new ideas –you may discover you like them!



Happy shoe shopping!!