Dear Dotty


Colorphobia -Fear of wearing a color other than beige ,black ,brown or navy

The above statement may sound kind of funny to you- but think of your closet.Is it filled with neutrals? Now, don't take Dear Dotty the wrong way.  I love classics and basic colors; however day after day it can get very dull and depressing.

Here is a short list of ways to gently add color to your wardrobe "diet"

1)  Wear a colored t shirt or camisole under a basic jacket.

2)   Wear a colored piece of jewelry.(pin, earrings, necklace etc)

3) Try a colored shoe with a monochromatic outfit.

4) Buy a handbag in a new color (no grey is not too "out of the box").-And NO -your bag and shoes do not have to match.

These are some very small and painless ways to introduce color into your daily wardrobe without feeling too conspicuous